Where do Hawai’i Island locals go when they need a vacation in Hawai’i? Many will say it is Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary, the colorful oasis spread across seven acres of manicured landscapes overlooking Kealakekua Bay. This unique botanical wonder features meandering pathways with plenty of shaded sitting benches. It stirs inner peace and offers a safe place to settle the fear from these past several months.

“Welcoming the Light” is the theme for this year’s open house as we celebrate the summer Solstice on June 20th, the longest day of the year. This is a free event (No pets please.) Come anytime Saturday, between 9am and 4pm. Join in the activities or just walk the gardens at your own pace.  Keiki and adults love to explore the world’s first Galaxy Garden designed with plantings that map out to scale the graceful arms of our spiral galaxy. In this stunning display, the Earth is but a jewel on a leaf at the galaxy’s edge.  Not far away, one can see the visual language of ancestors in 800-year-old ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs, then visit intricate Tibetan Sand Paintings created by revered Tibetan monks.

You will be greeted at the entrance gate by Shelly Mitchell inviting you in with a Native American smudging ritual to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts. It is done with the smoke from sage. Hand sanitizing will also be offered. You can shop at the open-air visitor center featuring local artists and farmers or browse the fruit stand filled with neighborhood fresh fruits, coffee, macnuts and honey. All day free Coffee tasting will be provided by our neighbor, Kona Lisa Coffee Farms, 100% Kona Coffee. Social distancing will be observed, and masks are needed when inside.

The day’s activities begin at 9:30 am with Hooda teaching Yoga for all levels and ages (45 min). Please bring your own mat. Followed at 10:45 am by Sifu Jin An Wong who will guide visitors in Tai Chi Tao: “Short Form for Long Life” (45 min.).These 2 classes are at the open-air pavilion and are limited to 15 people per class.

At 12 noon we are honored to have Kumu Keala Ching, a Hawaiian composer, spiritual and cultural teacher share the chant “Illuminate the Self, Welcome the light”. Visitors are invited to gather at the fire circle for an outside ceremony as Kumu chants while incense sticks will be lit and shared

At 2 pm join Marya Mann on the lawn for Yoga Flow “Light Heart, Bright Mind” (45 minutes) The day’s activity ends at 3:30 pm with Tobi Cain playing the “crystal bowls” known to reduce stress and anxiety, raise the immune system and restore normalcy to the body and soul. Tobi is also offering a tea sampling featuring her special herbal tea blends in the covered open-air dining area. 4:30 pau

Paleaku is a non-profit educational and cultural facility located at 83-5401 Painted Church Rd, in Captain Cook. For more information and to see our schedule of classes and events visit our website: www.paleaku.com  or call (808) 328-8084. We are open 9am to 4pm Tuesday thru Saturday. Memberships available