Short Forms for Long Life

Saturday May 19: 10am-11:00 am
Location- Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary
83-5401 Painted Church Rd, Captain Cook

Free Introductory Class (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tibetan 5 Rites Yoga)

Ongoing classes begin May 26/Saturdays: 10am-11am
Drop-in $14.00/class  Kama’aina $12.00/class  Eight classes for $80.00

  • Come hydrated on an empty stomach
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Please let me know of any health concerns or injuries.
  • Class starts on time, please come about 10 minutes earlier.

Jin An Wong is a 3rd Generation Tai Chi Instructor. His Grandfather was a Tai Chi & Kung Fu master in China. He studied with his uncle, Master Wong of the Tai Chi Academy in Toishan, China. He also studied with Master Kai Ying Tung in Los Angeles for 10 years. Short forms for Long Life includes a Tai Chi warm up, Qi Gong to gather and cultivate your life force (Qi), and the Yang Style 8 Treasures short form that circulates and directs your Qi for strengthening your immune system, your balance and calming your mind & spirit. Jin An as been teaching this gentle but powerful exercise for over 20+ years in San Francisco, Los Angeles, China & Hawaii. Medical studies have shown that practicing Tai Chi reduces arthritis pain significantly, the Arthritis Foundation of America supports the practice of Tai Chi. Pre-register by contacting Jin An at his email address:

Email- jinan@surfkahuna.net          cel- 415.786.1120         facebook – Taonzen


PDF Download of Flyer: Click Here